Our drones allow for safe and quick inspections for numerous industries.

Below are examples of how we have helped our clients with their businesses or properties accurately inspect and record hard to reach places. Our drones enable inspection jobs to be done safer than sending a person into a dangerous situation and quicker since your feet never leave the ground. This allows you to save money and make time for your other jobs.


Roof and structure Inspections

Our drones have been used by companies, developers, and private owners to provide them with live streams, pictures, or videos of their properties. Our clients can then use this information in making decisions about repairs or expansions.


Tower and high altitude inspections

Drones allow high attitude inspections to be safe, quicker, and affordable. Our drones have been used to inspection towers and transformer stations, without a person having to leave the ground. Sending one of our drones up is more efficient than having a person lifted up in the air, allowing a multiple day project to be done in a few hours.



Land Inspections

We have worked with clients to help them inspect and plan for the future of their farming properties. Our drones allows our clients to see numerous acres in just minutes. We give them a view from above, a view that allows farmers to use their land to the its fullest ability. Learn more about our mapping capabilities.