With our drones, we enable our clients to have views and data that they never thought possible, or only possible by paying an enormous expense. We provide affordable, quality drone services that adds value to our clients.
— James F. Banter, Co-Owner Up Above Productions, LLC

Safe, Legal, & Affordable

Using our creative abilities, we are able to enhance your narrative to support your business or personal needs. By adding videos, pictures, maps, or other data streams, it allows a picture to be painted. This picture is very useful in getting your story across no matter what it is.

UAP has all licenses and certificates for approved commercial drone flight through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). All of our pilots have Remote Pilot in Command Certificates, which allows UAP to offer safe and legal drone services.


It is our mission and promise to treat each client as family; to treat each job as the most important job, and to treat each client how we would want to be treated.
— Hunter Smith, Co-Owner Up Above Productions, LLC

What We've Achieved

  • Took aerial photographs of 51 roofs in one day, typically a 3 day job
  • Created a 3D and topographic map of 22 acres in 13 minutes, typically a 2 day job
  • Provided aerial videos of properties to farmers to allow them to plan the best way to manage their crops
  • Provided fly overs of event venues and added these clips to the venues' promotional videos
  • Over 100 hours of drone flights